Many of the homes in Garden City and throughout Metro Detroit, were built with brick. It is a favorite building material, providing protection and insulation to our neighborhood homes. Brick chimneys, garden walls, patios, cultured stone, and stone veneers have been a popular choice since the first homes were built here two centuries ago. So, it should come as no surprise that some of those beautiful brick features need repairs or rebuilds.

At Next Level Custom Brick, brick restoration is one of the things we do best. If your chimney has started to crumble, if your brick steps are worn down, or if there’s a crack running up your garden wall, our brick repair services can soon have your home as beautiful and sturdy as the day it was built.

Brick Repair – Why Hire Professionals?

Brick repair is something that takes skill to do right. Trained masons have years of experience with professional repointing and individual brick replacement to restore the integrity of mortar in original brick features. Crumbled sections can be expertly rebuilt using same-color bricks. The difference between DIY and professional brick repair can be seen in the results.

Expert brick repairs ensure that the final result is not just re-mortared but also structurally sound, level, and visually appealing. In many cases, professionals are able to fully restore a brick feature so that it becomes a proud and stately part of your house once again.

Benefits of Professional Masonry Repairs and Rebuilds

There are many great benefits to professional masonry repairs and brick feature rebuilds. A professional brick mason has the ability to skillfully restore your brick features with advantages that are difficult for DIY tools and training rarely achieved. You will enjoy a stately transformation from aged brick back to your home’s original glory with repaired and rebuilt sections consistent with the home’s original design.

Neat and Professional Brick-Mortar Repair

Crumbling mortar between bricks is the first sign that your home’s brick features need repair. From the chimney to the exterior walls of a home, tuckpointing is a professional masonry skill that allows us to neatly replace the mortar with fresh, stable new lines of mortar. This restores both the appearance and durability of your brick features.

Expert Restoration of Historic Brick Features

If your home is one of the many historically aged Metro Detroit homes, Next Level Custom Brick specializes in restorations that both preserve the elegance of the original brick and make historic brick features new and fresh again.

Structurally Sound When Complete

One of the most important benefits of professional masonry repairs is structural soundness. Our brick repairs and restorations aren’t just cosmetic. We will make sure the combination of brick and new mortar is stable when rebuilt to provide many more years of stately service to the home.

Transformation into Like-New Quality

Professional brick rebuilds can help restore the quality and life of any brick feature. Our experts are able to give a flawless match with the new and existing bricks through various techniques. Replacing or repairing the brick is also a more cost-effective solution for your home.

Contact Next Level Custom Brick for Your Masonry Repair Needs

If your home has crumbling or cracked brick features, don’t wait until the bricks begin to fall. Trust your instincts about the safety of unstable masonry around the home and the potential elegance of a full restoration.

Next Level Custom Brick has the brick repair and rebuild services and expert masons you need to restore your home’s brick features to their former glory. Contact us for an estimate and discover how the masonry team of Next Level Custom Brick can restore the beauty, safety, and insulation of your Metro Detroit, MI, home 734-292-5250.