Every example of residential brickwork is a custom project. Your home deserves the attention and artistry of true masonry professionals, which is exactly what you will receive from Next Level Custom Brick. From your front porch steps to your historic chimney, we know that the brickwork surrounding your home should provide that special combination of charm and functionality that Michigan brick homes provide. 

Your custom brickwork should reflect the style of your home and the personality of the residents within. For new structures or masonry repairs, each custom brickwork project is performed with excellence and attention to detail, ensuring that your home is beautiful and cozy when the job is complete.

Next Level Custom Brick offers a wide range of custom masonry services to meet the needs and style of your home.

Our Masonry Services

From repairs to new brick features, every custom brickwork project is timeless and built to last. 

Brick Installation:

If you have a new brick project in mind, Next Level Custom Brick will gladly help you design, estimate, and bring your vision to life. Charming brick mailboxes, new porches and patios, outdoor fireplaces, and new garden walls are all common requests that our masons can skillfully create for you. If you have something more unique in mind, we are always proud to help homeowners make their homes truly special with a custom brick installation.

Brick Repair and Restoration:

Many homes in the Metro Detroit area have beautiful yet aging brickwork. If anywhere inside or outside your home requires brick repair or restoration, our masons will apply the utmost care and craftsmanship to restore your brickwork to its original glory.

Stone Veneer and Cultured Stone Installation:

Brick homes have an undeniable charm. Our seasoned masonry experts specialize in transformative solutions, adding textured sophistication and cultured beauty to your residence. Beyond conventional approaches, our bespoke renovations offer the flexibility to enhance your home’s allure, even post-construction. Choose from a diverse range of colors and styles for a tailored stone installation that aligns perfectly with your vision. At Next Level Custom Stone, we not only promise a refined touch but also a personalized, customer-centric experience, enhancing both the aesthetics and value of your property. 

Custom Brickwork:

If you need or desire a type of custom brickwork for your home that we haven’t listed, simply let us know. Our skilled masonry team will work with you to design and complete any custom brickwork project in  Metro Detroit, and the surrounding communities. Whether you are seeking to create new brick features or to update your existing masonry, our custom brickwork team can bring your vision into reality.


Tuckpointing is a process of repairing the mortar joints between bricks to restore older brickwork to its original beauty. This service is often needed for older exterior brick walls of homes that have begun to crumble. Many homes in Garden City, MI, and surrounding Metro Detroit communities were built with brick, which has aged with time. The exterior of your brick home is still beautiful and can be restored with expert tuckpointing services.

Brick Replacement:

As homes gracefully age, the inevitable signs of wear and deterioration may appear, signaling the need for thoughtful restoration. In conjunction with tuckpointing, a common and effective practice involves the strategic replacement of individual bricks. This meticulous approach not only addresses structural integrity but also rejuvenates the aesthetic appeal of the home. At Next Level Custom Brick, we recognize the importance of such precision in preservation, ensuring that each replacement brick seamlessly integrates with the existing structure, breathing new life into the timeless beauty of your residence.

Why Choose Next Level Custom Brick for Brickwork Services?

Next Level Custom Brick is a family-owned business that understands the brickwork needs and favored styles of Michigan residents. We are proud to provide both expert brick repair services and custom brick installations. Most importantly, we listen to each client to understand exactly what you want from your custom brickwork service so that even restorations are a unique and personalized experience.

Our skillful and experienced masons ensure that every project is completed to the highest degree of quality and customer satisfaction.

Next Level Custom Brick: Delivering Superior Craftsmanship in Custom Brickwork

If you are in need of brick repairs, restorations, or custom brickwork installation, do not hesitate to call. Next Level Custom Brick proudly serves residents throughout Metro Detroit, and nearby communities, providing custom brickwork and personalized masonry services to suit your unique needs. 

Contact us to schedule your complimentary estimate at any time. We are always happy to help you improve and personalize the brickwork surrounding your home.